Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week recap

Quick summary of the last few days...

eggs were eaten
bacon too.
so were avocados
an apple and home made almond butter

snacks consisted of various nuts, apples, bananas
one raw coconut/date/vanilla cake. some vegan shit from Noahs. Highly recommend to satisfy that sweet tooth.
hard boiled eggs.

dinners were
salad with sausage and veggies
random stir fry of broccoli, onion, bacon, garlic, ginger, coconut milk (like half a can) and coconut oil. it was good and I made an awesome omelette out of the leftovers this morning.
another salad with avocado, egg, mushroom and lemon juice. boring.

half a sweet potato last night before bed-ish.

lots of black coffees. well, about 2/day. I had a decaf coffee yesterday afternoon. I had three coffees today. too many.

Lunch at Fresh was the raw Italian bowl. Good shit.

Dinner today was a bowl of berries and a banana with cinnamon. Also a small piece of cabbage roll.
2 dates, a handfull of unsweetened coconut and some cashews. I managed to mix it all in one bite to mimic a treat.

Tomorrow we'll probably have eggs and bacon in the morn. And an avocado. and salsa. yum.

Lunch... most likely will buy it. Perhaps something from Fresh again. I wish they served meat. Is there a good burger place in the hood? maybe I'll get a burger on greens.

Week 2 almost finished and a successs. I haven't caved at all for any treats and honestly I've had no desire. I know what will happen if I eat them and it isn't worth it at this time. Every bite counts and it all adds up. Jamaica will be tough and I will be drinking. I'll steer clear of the sweet drinks as much as possible even though rum is made from sugar. We'll see what the selection is like yea?

Looking forward to the local fare but not eating any rice and peas! They like they gyals with big batties bit I ain't joining that club.. nnuh uh. snap snap snap.

K, I probably won't blog anything til I get back. Wish me luck! I hope I don't have to go through sugar withdrawal again when I get back.


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